CodeIgniter / Web Development

Doors Online

Company Overview

Leaders in the garage door market, Doors On-Line, Inc. came to us with a web application that barely allow them to sell their custom product online. With a clear goal to sell any garage and mansion door variations on their web, we accepted the challenge to understand their necessity to convert it in a real online success. View Website..

Project Challenges

The company has many options to implement on their Doors, we had to improve their admin panel to be useful for their upcoming accessories and new elements to add to the doors, change the database structure, and renovate the javascript and PHP system that used to handle the quotation system.

I highly recommend Pricode to implement internet code, etc. for anyone’s website. The website, which Pricode built for us, is highly technical in how it builds and displays customized garage doors. There are many specifications and options involved for various door sizes and models that must be accurately displayed and priced, as well as accurately placed into the shopping cart for on-line purchase. Pricode did a good job in getting all aspects of our site working and he continues to help us improve the website with product changes and additions.

Dan Francis.

Solutions Provided

We updated the app architecture, database structure, PHP framework version, several payment integration methods and we have been continuing working aside the client to improve the site based on his needs. We have worked in this project for almost 4 years now, and we do not stop in our goal to make it perfect. We are planning to expand the range of applications with a mobile app and an possible affiliate system integrated to the client’s platform.