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Mi Cannabis Doctor

Company Overview

Innovative Colombian – Canadian company, brought us a spectacular web application idea to connect doctors with patients looking for the benefits in of medical cannabis. Due to the huge potential of this new market, we were very excited to create this project.

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Project Challenges

The biggest complexity on this project was to understand the real objective desired from the initial stage of the projects. The client desired to create a huge panel to administrate the medical history of any patients, and connecting their progress after using the cannabis products. As this market is still not regulated in Colombia but it is in Canada, client is finishing several legal process to continue the grow of the project.

Solutions Provided

Our designer understood the client idea immediately and we created an amazing corporate WordPress website that is going to be connected to a Django/Angular , which will allow to manage doctors and patients process in a very high end way. The goal in this project is way bigger than a simple website, as the client is looking for Colombian regulations to massify the use of cannabis a curative method to prolong life.