Company Overview Colombian vps provider startup with an ambitious plan to expand over whole Latin America, was looking to create a very complex administration panel that allows them manage their finances and also allows them to create an automated system to sell their vps product, due to the complexity of the project as they are looking to become a world class company, we didn’t hesitate to start the development.

Project Challenges

The payment integration with Latin American gateways is not quite easy as it is with Paypal or Stripe. At the beginning were several issues to understand the mvp to be developed and caused some dues at the beginning. After this problems were solved the development became pretty smooth.

The next step of the project involves a huge Devops implementation alongside with Bits team, and we are ready to build a new huge application for their needs.

Solutions Provided

– Database architecture with MySql, and Laravel application. gateway integration, automated invoice billing system and notification for clients and admins.

– We have been working in this project for over a year now, and we are looking to create a new private system application for vps vendors.